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Larry Lodermeier, M.S., LP, LMFT
Larry is a licensed psychologist as well as a licensed marriage and family therapist. He treats teens, adults and couples with a broad range of presenting concerns. Larry  uses a variety of psychotherapeutic approaches including EMDR for treating trauma and other conditions. He also performs psychological evaluations. Larry is a co-owner of Mental Health Professionals and also serves as its President and CEO.


Cathy Luitjens, M.A., LP
Cathy is a licensed psychologist who specializes in seeing children in addition to her work with teens and adults who present with varied concerns.



  Laura E. McKibbin Laura E. McKibbin, MSW, LICSW
Laura is a licensed independent clinical social worker experienced in treating depression, anxiety, and issues related to grief and loss. She is especially passionate about helping people with eating disorders and other problems related to eating, body image, and exercise.
  Mary Kathleen Fransen

Mary Kathleen Fransen, MSW, LICSW
Mary is a licensed independent clinical social worker and specializes in working with people navigating life transitions such as divorce, grief, reproductive loss, chronic illness, mid-life, and family-of-origin issues.  She works with children, teens and adults.

  Kristi Hyink-Huttemier

Kristi Hyink-Huttemier, PsyD, LP
Kristi is a licensed psychologist who provides psychotherapy and psychological evaluations to children, teens, and adults who present with a variety of concerns.  She has experience working in medical settings providing consultation to medical staff, support to family and caregivers, and psychotherapy to adults recovering from significant life-changing medical conditions (e.g., brain injury, dementia, amputation, spinal cord injury, etc.).



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